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         Here you may view EXCERPTS from various projects that we have done over the last twenty-five years.  
WGN/Al Jazeera Television Network  (Sizzle Reel)
          "For Women"  This is a 1:20 promotional piece consisting of excerpts from the show, which is produced by New World Motion Picture Studios, (Emmett Cash, III, Executive Producer) slated to begin airing over WGN and Al Jazeera later this year.  This is one of our multi-camera productions.  You may view the reelHERE.

            Having produced hundreds, we are highly skilled in the production of television commercials.  In addition to production, we can also assist in the pre-production stages including script writing, storyboarding, casting, location managing, etc.  When your commercial is ready for broadcast, whether you are considering cable, the major networks or local stations, we can provide placement services if you do not already have an advertising agency to do this for you.
            You may view some of our recent ">COMMERCIALS HERE.  Give us a call when you are ready for yours.    1.310.559.3127 
Documentary/News Magazine/Voice Over
            These clips were taken from a 24-minute piece produced single-handedly by Odell Mack in 1997 while working as a teacher at John Muir Middle School in Los Angeles.  The images were recorded on S-VHS, edited, transferred to VHS and finally to DVD at EP speed.  This work sample is intended ONLY to showcase Odell Mack's creative talents (NOT VIDEO QUALITY) as he handled all behind-the-camera responsibilties while simultaneously serving as reporter.  
TITLE                                                               LENGTH
Learn                                                                 5:21:07                                  View

Event--Single Camera
            Because our camera personnel are highly creative, professional, and are keenly aware of current activities at your event, a single camera is usually adequate for most events.  We can provide up to four cameras if necessary.  If you feel that you need more than one camera, a pre-production meeting is essential to success in capturing the events as you desire.   
            You may view excerpts from two events covered with a single camera here. 
Call us at 1.310.559.3127.

Event or Program--Two or More Cameras
We can provide up to four cameras to cover your event or record your program for broadcast.  See the "For Women" promo at the top of the page. Please call us for an appointment or a DVD if you need to see additional programming immediately.  Call us at 1.310.559.3127.
Spend approximately seven minutes with us to how we will cover all activities of your graduation.  If you wish, we can personalize yours by cutting out all other graduates receiving their diplomas, awards, etc.
TITLE                                                          LENGTH
Springfield College                                          6:24                        View
Interviews--Single Camera
Below are two interviews done with a single camera, one on location and the other in our studio.
Location         View
Studio             View
Movies/TV Pilots/Shorts
            Here is a 4:28 clip from the opening scene of a super low budget, half-hour comedy TV pilot that we directed,  shot on location, and edited for an independent producer.  Two cameras were used.  Time restrictions required us to complete the shoot in six hours.  View Scene Here
Call us at 1.310.559.3127.

Music Videos
         Listed below are three music videos that we recently produced for various artists.  They range from ultra-low budget to low budget.  We collaborated with the artists/producers and played a major creative role in each project.
TITLE                              LENGTH
"New Man"                        3:30                       View                                             
"To The Top"                     4:01                        View                           
Wooli Me"                         4:31                        View
                                                                                                   Call us.  1.310.559.3127

Studio Recording Session
         The following is a clip from a studio session.  Scenes were recorded to be used later in a music video.
TITLE                           LENGTH
"Sweet Potato Pie"         1:49                           View 

      We are skilled in covering most sports activities such as basketball, football, soccer, baseball, tennis, ice skating, etc. switched live, capturing video from four cameras.  Excerpts from the game below were done with one camera.  This particular game was covered under adverse lighting conditions.
TITLE                                               LENGTH
Taft vs. San Bernardino                          3:34                                  View

            Because most weddings are highly creative, from the bride's and groom's preparations through the actual ceremony and reception, we recommend using at least two cameras for the ceremony--especially if the wedding party will be marching down more than one isle.  It is virtually impossible for one camera to adequately capture two or more isles.  In the highlights provided below, one camera was used for both the ceremony and the reception.  These highlights were excerpted from the edited master project.

TITLE                                    LENGTH
Andrea Wedding                     9:57                      
View Highlights           
Lavetta Wedding                   11:06                      View Highlights 

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